Dr. Kokou Azamede is associate professor, senior lecturer at the University of Lomé, Department of German Studies, specialising in German Civilisation and Cultural Studies.

Doctoral thesis in 2008 in Cultural Studies (Historical Anthropology) at
University of Bremen on the theme : „Transkulturationen? Ewe-Christen zwischen Deutschland und Westafrika, 1884-1939“.

Research on colonial photography as part of the research project entitled :
„Blickwinkel und Dekonstruktion des imperialen Auges. Kolonialfotografie als Quelle zur afrikanischen Geschichte am Beispiel Togos“ (Perspective and deconstruction of the imperial gaze.
Colonial photography as a source of African history, with the example of Togo),

the Institute of Ethnology at Frankfurt's Goethe University;
Project funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Oct. 2012 - Sep. 2013)

Areas of research: