Perspective and deconstruction of the imperial eye

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The research project “Togo and the German colonial photography” bases on the collections of colonial pictures of the Frankfurt university library as well as the Frobenius-Institut of the Goethe University Frankfurt. It takes itself to the purpose to use the pictures for the education, training and the self-determination of African states – in particular of Togo. Nowadays Africa experiences not only a quick globalization process, but many African countries also argue with their past. This is why it is necessary to give a historical clue to the African youth.

A history in pictures stamps more than one which contains only texts. Pictures help to describe more exactly single actors and groups of the colonial history, and to show her biography. Thus shall be shown, in what a substantial litre of beer Africans as actors of the intercultural history of the globalization of the 19th and 20-th century can count. Colonial pictures in her trans-cultural historical contexts provide this connection of Africa and Europe in special way.

In the light of the colonial photograph this website presents the cultural history of the Togoleses in the process of the globalization of the 19th and 20-th century.

This project is financed and made possible by the  Fritz-Thyssen Foundation
It is realized at the Institute of Ethnology of the University Goethe of Frankfurt/Main

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